How PDF to Flipbook Maker Makes Awesome Flipping Book for Windows/Mac

Computers are widely used in daily life. You can relax yourself by playing games, watching mobiles and listening music. At the same time, with Internet connection, you are able to get more useful information around the world. And you can also deliver your messages to millions of people online.

Advanced technologies make people connected. As more and more powerful flipbook makers have emerged for making awesome flipbooks, marketers, designers or other individuals are trying to create stunning flipbooks to impress readers. These well-designed flipbooks are best story-tellers to share ideas vividly worldwide. Among which, AnyFlip is incredible PDF to flipbook software to make you outstanding among all competitors. Try it free for powerful results.


Best PDF to Flash & HTML5 Flipbook Solution
AnyFlip provides tons of amazing features on its homepage. Start its desktop client, static PDF or images can be converted in realistic page turning flipbook in minutes. Surprisingly, you can preserve original bookmarks, links and right-to-left language support in flipbook. Moreover, you can freely search the related content in flipbook by inputting your text in the search box. This PDF to flipbook maker applies advanced HTML5 & Flash technologies for perfect flipbook solution.


How PDF to Flipbook Maker Makes Awesome Flipping Book for Windows/Mac


What is more, after importing PDF or images, you can make your flipbook enrich and engaging. Therefore, flipbook will be awesome displayed on Windows and Mac.

◎Page Manager: Insert page (SWF/IMG, PDF or Blank), delete page, move up and move down.
◎Table of Content: Clear table of content presents the general structure of your flipbook, it will be a great navigation for readers.
◎Themes, Backgrounds and Scenes: Multiple pre-designed themes, backgrounds and scenes provided to make flipbook dynamic and attention-grabbing.
◎Page Editor: Make flipbook interactive and multimedia by adding hyperlinks, YouTube and Vimeo videos, animated text, sliders, etc.


How PDF to Flipbook Maker Makes Awesome Flipping Book for Windows/Mac


Responsive Flipbook Preview
For providing amazing flipbook experience on Windows and Mac, after customizing flipbook with substantial content, this powerful PDF to flipbook software enables you to preview flipbook on different devices easily. Once something looks not such perfect, you can easily modify.


◎Desktop Version Preview & Settings:
Click the button at the top-right corner to choose preview flipbook on desktop mode, then enjoy wonderful flipbook, you therefore can set auto flip mode and switch language for better reading. Besides, it is convenient to share your flipbook via QR code or on social networks to readers.

◎Mobile Version Preview & Settings:
Make sure your mobile readers will have wonderful enjoyment regardless of screen resolution or size. Just preview what flipbook look like on iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android phone and Android tablet. At the same time, you are capable of sharing your fabulous flipbook on Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, Reddit and more. The beautiful thumbnails ensures readers a better viewing of your flipbook.



How PDF to Flipbook Maker Makes Awesome Flipping Book for Windows/Mac


Publish to Local as Flexible Formats
AnyFlip aims to be professional, creative and unique. Your flipbook can be outstanding on Windows and Mac with this top PDF to flipbook. Publishing your beautiful flipbook to local for offline reading has never been so easy and flexible. HTML5, EXE, ZIP and APP CD/DVD, USB, multi-output offers readers a wonderful experience.


How PDF to Flipbook Maker Makes Awesome Flipping Book for Windows/Mac


Publish flipbook as HTML format is easy to be upload online and embed to websites-define a title, choose the loading sequence and select to create basic HTML5 version for search engines. And you can choose whether to compress it to ZIP after publishing or to burn it to CD.

Save flipbook as EXE format is easy for offline reading on Windows and Mac. Just input caption and chose whether need password to open the flipbook.

App (for Mac) output type is to publish the flipbook in an executable application that can run on Mac devices. Mac readers can have a great flipbook enjoyment anytime and anywhere.

FBR is especially designed format that readers can read flipbook with free Flip Reader (download Flip Reader). It is easy email and read offline.


How PDF to Flipbook Maker Makes Awesome Flipping Book for Windows/Mac


To sum up, AnyFlip makes it easy to convert static PDF and images into HTML5 & Flash flipbook. It provides powerful tool to make flipbook stunning and eye-catching. The multimedia flipbook reading engages readers on Windows and Mac.

Gorgeous flipbook is effective to deliver your ideas and content to readers. It will resonate them in wonderful page flipping enjoyment. This free PDF to flipbook maker requires no coding or any programming skills, you can fully customize unique flipbook to attract wider readers.

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